AMPERE Bio-solid-state-NMR School

The Groupement Ampere (Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Électriques) is an association of scientists, active in the fields of Magnetic Resonances, Optics, Dielectrics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as well as in the development of the associated methodologies and technologies. Today it is the largest organization in Europe dedicated to promoting Magnetic Resonance in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and related fields.

The first international training school on biological solid-state NMR has been organised in 2006. Since then, the school has been held every other year in Germany (2006, 2014), Denmark (2008), the Netherlands (2010), Czech Republic (2012), Spain (2016 and 2018), and Berlin (online due to the pandemic in 2021). Since 2016 the School has been organized by the Groupement Ampere.

The Ampere biological solid-state NMR school is a course intended for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scientists with research interests and initial expertise in solid-state NMR spectroscopy. The school is focused on theoretical and experimental aspects of solid-state NMR applied to biomolecules.

During the school, ample time is reserved for social gathering and scientific interactions, in order to allow for close contacts between the school attendees and the speakers.